Halloween is always a fun time especially for kids. There’s enough free candy in one night to last until the end of the year, funny pranks, spooky decorations, and haunted houses. Don’t forget the most important thing, the costume!  It’s a night when kids can dress as their favorite super hero, character, or ghoulish creature.   Why not do something different this Halloween?  Instead of buying a costume, set some time aside for you and your kids to create their own creepy crawler or adorable insect costume.

Let the creative ideas of these DIY Halloween costumes inspire you to have a Ghoul of a time. 

  • Pipe cleaners and headband make the perfect combination for bug antennas.
  • Stripe black duct tape across a yellow shirt to turn your little one into a bumble bee. Add wings and antennas and your all set!
  • Utilizing red felt, cut semi-circles, and attach them at the top to make a sort of lady bug cape. The felt will be sturdy enough to hold the shape of the wings and don’t forget to paint on some black dots. 
  • With a few paper plates or poster board circles, you can be the very hungry caterpillar!  Add a little paint and construction paper and you’re the caterpillar from Eric Carl’s book! 
  • Who knew a sweat top, socks, stuffing (tissue paper) and black ribbon could produce the scary connotation of a spider. This spider has eight legs and furry – better get out in a hurry! 
    • Loosely stuff 4 socks with stuffing (tissue paper) and sew them to the sides of the sweat top. (the arms and legs of your child plus the 4 sock legs = the 8 legs of a spider.
      Attach the “legs” of the spider by linking the wrist of the sweat top to the sock legs so when your child’s arms move, the sock legs move with them.
      Attach additional designs and decorations with felt and faux fur.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween from May Exterminating. For any “real” bugs at your house, give us a call to see how we can help. 910-455-5888


image credits: Flikr/thecoconutchronicles and Pinterest