Signs of a Spider Infestation

spider web

We don’t mean to freak you out, but spiders are great at hiding. This means if you have a spider infestation, it may take a while before you even realize it. With that in mind, here are some signs of a spider infestation to watch out for in your home.


The classic Halloween décor invokes fear for a reason. No one likes walking into a web outdoors, but it’s especially scary when you find them inside your home. These silky strings are telltale signs of spider activity.

Spider Egg Sacs

Look for little silk sacs. You may see them while you dust or sweep. Each of these little sacs carry around 100 spider eggs, so they are a good indicator that you have or are about to have a spider problem.

Spider Molts (their shed exoskeletons)

Did you know that spiders molt just like snakes and cicadas? Spiders have exoskeletons that need to be shed when it’s time for them to grow. Check around your home for these spider molts. They may be caught in webs on your front porch or in a corner of your garage.


The most obvious sign of a spider infestation is seeing an increase in spiders or spiderlings (baby spiders) in or around your home. Occasionally, seeing one or two around the house isn’t cause for concern, but seeing them in larger quantities is.

If you see baby spiders in your house, contact May Exterminating!

Other Pest Activity

If you’re seeing evidence of ants, flies, and mosquitoes around your home, spiders are likely close by. These bugs are spider food, so an increase in one will often lead to an increase in the other.

Check Outside

If you’re seeing spider activity in your yard or on your porch/deck, you may have spiders indoors as well. Take a look outside and see if you notice any of the signs listed above. If you see multiple signs like webs, egg sacs, molts, spiders, or spiderlings, consider calling a pest control technician.

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