Have you seen these guys crawling around in your bathroom or kitchen? While it’s never good to see pests in the home, if you do spot an unwelcome guest, it’s important to know whether it’s harmful or not.  

You can identify a silverfish by its distinctive shiny silver exterior. Silverfish also make a fish-like motion when they crawl. They’re active in the evenings and seek shelter in cool, damp areas. If you find one, know that they are nuisance pests.  

Nuisance Pests 

Nuisance pests are not directly harmful to you or your family pets. Silverfish, in particular, do not spread disease and are not known to bite.   

Why Prevention Still Matters 

Silverfish are not harmful to humans or animals, but they can still harm your home and belongings. They have an expansive and unrefined food palate. They’ll eat paper, fabric, and glue, which is a nightmare for book lovers. They can also consume cardboard, pantry items, beef, and pet food.  

It’s important to identify and treat an infestation if you find one to avoid permanent damage to your clothes, food, books, wallpaper, etc. 

Be Proactive 

Here are some tips to make sure your home is less enticing to these insects: 

  • Keep pantry supplies in airtight containers 
  • Dust your home often 
  • Use your exhaust fans to keep moisture out of your kitchens and bathrooms 
  • Check antiques or second-hand goods for hitchhikers before bringing them inside 
  • Use plastic storage bins rather than cardboard when storing items in your attic 
  • Vacuum frequently 

Signs Silverfish Are in Your Home 

  • Damaged paper edges 
  • Ragged bookbindings 
  • Scales or droppings (will look like pepper) near damaged items 

If you have silverfish in your home and want to kick them out, our pest control technicians can provide you with a customized treatment plan.  

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