Ants are tiny insects found all over the world. If you’re wondering how their presence will impact your house, here’s what you need to know about ants in North Carolina.


How many types of ants are in North Carolina?

According to a report in 2012, North Carolina has the highest diversity of ants in the United States of America. There are 192 species, out of which there are at least 16 exotic species and 4 undescribed species of ants.


What type of ants gets into the kitchen?

Ants love the kitchen because of the unlimited access to all kinds of food. Sugar, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, you name it, they love it. If you’re wondering which type of ants gets into your kitchen to eat your favorite cookies from the cookie jar, here’s a list of them:

  • Argentine ant (Linepithema humile)
  • Imported red fire ant (Solenopsis Invicta)
  • Little black ant (Monomorium minimum)
  • Odorous house ant (Tapinoma sessile)
  • Thief ant (Solenopsis molesta)


Are there any health risks that they can cause?

Some species of ants carry various disease-causing microorganisms such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Shigella, Streptococcus, and E.Coli. They can transfer these diseases to food and an open wound.

Also, some species of ants can bite you or your pets, which can be quite painful. On top of that, if you are allergic to insect bites, it can be fatal if it isn’t treated on time.


Can they cause structural damage?

It really depends on the type of ants in the house. Most of the ants you find at home are just a nuisance and only cause minor damage. Only carpenter ants are considered a common yet highly destructive type of ant. Carpenter ants are known for hollowing out wooden structures so they can nest inside. If left unchecked for years, carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage.


What do I do if ants are in my house?

There’s no need to panic if you find ants in your house. There are some DIY tips to minimize your chances of getting ants in your home. Making sure your counters are clean and your kitchen is crumb free is a great start for eliminating ants. You can also try wiping the floor with vinegar or lemon juice and sealing the windows with caulk and peppermint oil. It’s important to note that these measures are only temporary. If you want to get rid of them permanently, you need to contact pest control experts, such as May Exterminating. 


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