It’s likely that you’ve checked your pantry, garage, or attic for pests sometime over the last year. You take out your trash in a timely manner and try to keep your house clutter-free. Even if you have done those things, you could have a pest population right under your nose. Check these 7 unusual places where you might find pests hiding!

Stored Clothing or Fabric

If you have clothes stored at the back of your closet or in an attic, there is a chance that pests are stowed away between last year’s sweaters and your son’s old baseball uniform. Clothes moths and bedbugs are two pests that infest stored clothing, bedding, or other fabric items.

In Outlets

Insects can come crawling out of your electrical outlets when you least expect it! Cockroaches are common critters that hide behind electrical outlet plates, but fire ants, bedbugs, and beetles are also known to dwell behind outlet covers and in light fixtures. A sign that you have pests in your outlets is a fine, powdery residue around the edges of an outlet.

In Plants

Houseplants and any other greenery you bring into your home, like a Christmas tree, can bring in some unwelcome hitchhikers like spiders and mites. Gnats and other flies are also attracted to some houseplants.

Door hinges

Bed bugs behind your door hinges signify a major bed bug problem! These tiny spaces are easy to hide in and hard to reach with pest prevention, so it’s best to call professionals if you see a bed bug infestation.

In the Dishwasher

Dishwashers hold moisture for extended periods of time, and food residue, so it makes sense that they might attract pests! Roaches are the most common pest you’ll find in your dishwasher.

In Spices and Dry Goods

Turmeric, ginger, fennel, cayenne, paprika, chili powder, and black pepper are all attractive to pests. Make sure to toss expired spices and inspect the containers you pull out infrequently before using them. Always store dry goods in air-tight, sealed containers.

In Books

Carpet beetles and roaches can find a nice home in your library.  Did you know termites like to eat paper? If you have a termite problem, your book collection could fall victim to these damage-causing critters. Check the bookshelves for droppings, gnawing, or other signs.