“Be careful, be careful and be careful.”

That’s the advice of Robert Dillingham, owner of May Exterminating, for homeowners conducting an inspection of their property for pests. No matter how much you want to rid your house of invading squirrels, mice, rats or insects, there are dangers attached to some of these unwanted encounters.

May Exterminating’s technicians are extensively trained and have proper equipment to complete a thorough inspection of hidden spaces, and it is recommended that a professional is called if one of the obvious signs of pest activity is found.

To do an initial check of your attic – and other hard-to-reach places – here are some of the obvious signs that you may require further services.

  1. Disturbed Storage Containers.  Wear gloves to inspect stored items, like boxes, bags, and anything made of material. Spiders and other insects like to hide in dark places, and mice look for quiet spots to build nests.
  2. Droppings in the Attic. Use a flashlight to check for droppings. This is a key sign of a pest problem because cockroaches, squirrels and mice all leave small droppings. Because the droppings are small, they may be hard to see if lighting is poor or if surfaces are dark.
  3. Holes or Chew Marks. Check for holes or chewing marks around entries and near edges of the attic space.  Chewing on containers, boxes or other items also indicates mice or squirrels have been in your attic.  These rodents damage your property and create unsafe situations.
  4. Openings and Leaks. Examine windows, vents and rafters for any openings or leaks. If there are any such entry points in your attic, it’s likely pests are able to enter through them.  Water and wind can also cause damage when seals are broken. 
  5. Wood Damage.  Look for wood damage or flying swarmers, which can be a sign of termites.  May Exterminating offers a free inspection of termite colonies, and if activity is found, technicians can explain a no-obligation plan for eradicating them.

Discovery of pests, like squirrels, mice, rats or invading insects, can be overwhelming for homeowners.  It’s all too often an issue people don’t think about until they’re suddenly facing the problem.   

Scheduled services exist to routinely check the common gathering spaces for these invaders before they create expensive issues.  Key signs can signal if you already have a problem, in which case, a fastest solution is to contact a technician who can offer next steps to clearing your home of unwanted critters.

If you find signs of pests in your attic, or want someone else to inspect it for you, give us a call at 910-455-5888 for friendly service, usually on the same day.