When buying or selling a home, a termite inspection is always completed. And one of the first things you will probably notice when you own your new home is if you have a pest problem. May Exterminating is here to help keep your dream home a dream place to live. Here are five reasons a pest management service is an essential service:


  1. It benefits you and your family’s health. Pests are known to carry disease and to spread illness. By keeping a pest management contract year-round, you are ensuring you, your family, and your pets are protected from outside intruders. It’s important to note that it is not just mice and rats. Even those unseen pests can pose a health risk. Cockroaches have been known to be the cause of children’s asthma flaring up as well as carrying millions of pathogens and bacteria with them. Spiders, fleas and bedbugs cause harmful bites and can cause allergic reactions. It’s best to keep them out 100% of the year, not just once.
  2. One treatment doesn’t last forever. On average, one treatment will last between 60-90 days, otherwise, the treatment used would not be permissible to use as it would be harmful to the environment and to those that use it. All treatments are biodegradable. This is why an annual treatment contract is so important. Once the treatment degrades, pests can reenter your home. 
  3. Trained professionals spray your home. Though most poisons on the market are safe once dried, they are still poison. It’s also important to note that May Exterminating’s experienced team are the professionals and know just where to spray and how to detect infestation. Though you can purchase pest deterrent from local stores, it’s best to leave the safety of the home and your life to the professionals.
  4. Prevents future infestation. As previously stated, infestation never stops. Pests exist in nature, but we’d rather not have them in our homes. We cannot escape pests, but May Exterminating can help keep pests out of one’s living space and keep it safe for those living there.
  5. Could save the integrity of your home. Pests can be harmful to those living in the home, but they can also be very harmful to the integrity of your home and foundation. Termites can devastate a home and its’ foundation in just two months and can completely destroy it within two years. It’s best to have professionals conduct routine inspections and keep a termite contract in place to ensure your home is safe.


For more information on pest control management and your home, see our NEW HOME OWNER’S GUIDE.