Pets are part of the family, so keeping them safe from rodents and wildlife is important. Wildlife, like raccoons, rabbits, mice, and rats, can carry disease and parasites that can be destructive to your pet’s health. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe from outdoor critters.

  1. Keep vaccinations up to date!

Staying on top of vaccinations for your pets will help keep them safe if they come into contact with a rodent or other wild animal. Wild animals can carry diseases and pathogens that are harmful. They can also harbor fleas and ticks.  Work with your vet to ensure vaccinations and flea/tick prevention treatments are in place to protect your pet. 

  1. Don’t leave pet food outside

Rats, mice, raccoons, and other wild creatures enjoy pet food too. Avoid storing pet food outside. If you feed your pets outside, make sure to clean up after them. Any food left outside can attract wild animals towards your pets.

  1. Watch out for wildlife

When you’re letting your pet outside, make sure to do a quick scan of the area. A quick look around the yard could prevent an unwanted encounter. Then keep an eye on your pets while they are outside.

  1. Maintain your yard

Trimming back shrubs, clearing debris, and keeping grass cut short will make your property less appealing to wild animals. If you see wildlife often, consider a mesh or a wire barrier around the base of your fence to keep them from sneaking into the yard. Consider keeping trash and recycling receptacles in your garage, or at least make sure they have a tight lid on them. Raccoons are especially drawn to garbage containers for food, so make it as inaccessible as possible. If you have trees that produce nuts or fruit, consider cleaning up the fallen nuts/fruits regularly. Ripened fruits are a tasty food source that can draw rodents into your yard.

Your pets are members of your family.  Reducing the risk of rodents and wildlife on your property may take a little work, but they’re worth it.