National Insurance Awareness Day, celebrated June 28, is a reminder to homeowners to check those home insurance policies. Now is a great time to ensure that the amounts covered still make sense for you and your family. You also want to ensure your policy still corresponds to your home’s value. 

Every year, 600,000 homes are affected in the United States. Residents are estimated at $5 billion dollars spent annually for controlling and repairing termite damages. This does not even take into consideration other common culprit pest damages. These tiny creatures are serious, and their colonies could wreck your total home investment. 

Today, we are taking a deeper dive into homeowner’s insurance. We cover some questions that look specifically at termite and pest damage coverage.  

Here are answers to some common questions: 

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover termites? 

Verify what pest damages your home insurance covers, if any. Read the fine print to check the coverage in the event of termite infestation. Most companies won’t cover termite or pest damages. Services, such as routine inspection and spraying to prevent termites from doing extensive damage, are considered preventive. Often these preventive services are viewed as the responsibility of the homeowners.  

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover any rodent or pest damages? 

While we are on the subject, most insurance policies do not cover any other rodent or pest damages done to your home. It is important to pull out the papers or review online documents to find exact wording and phrasing. 

What is termite insurance? 

There are some companies that provide specific termite insurance. Termite insurance does provide some coverage in the event of termite damage. You would need to seek out specific companies who offer specialized coverage. 

After you have reviewed your insurance policies, don’t be alarmed. Now you understand how costly rodent, pest, and specifically termite damage is to your home. It can put your home’s stability and value at risk.  

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