Your crawlspace is probably one place you never want to visit at your home. It’s dark, dirty, and, as the name suggests, there’s only enough room to crawl about. While you may not venture down to check out your crawlspace very often, as an exterminating company, it’s part of our day-to-day to take a thorough look around crawlspaces. We’ve seen a lot in crawl spaces over the years… from snakes to alligators to decomposing wild animals. Smelly and creepy.

One of our “top” creepiest crawlspace finds ever.

One of our techs entered a crawl space for a termite inspection, and the owner’s dog began barking like crazy at the crawl space door. This was unusual for the dog, who was normally quiet and friendly. The tech propped the door up (closed) to keep the dog out while he inspected, but as he crawled deeper under the house he got an eerie feeling the dog was barking for a reason. In a space too small for sudden moves, he looked ahead into the darkness and he saw a dark mass ahead of him. Just then, the dog knocked the door open and charged past him toward the dark mass. Instantly, the mass scattered into smaller objects and ran for the door. It was too late to move, the tech threw his head down and covered his face and neck as rats ran past him and over his back to escape.  He was not injured, but it spooked him pretty well. The experience put a new significance to the phrase “That’s a rats’ nest!”

Believe it or not, as creepy as rats, snakes, and dead animals are, there are other things that should “creep you out” as a homeowner if they are found in your home’s crawlspace. 

Here 3 more things you DO NOT want “creeping” into your crawlspace:
  1. Standing Water

Standing water is one of the worst things you can find in your crawl space. If you notice puddles of water, be sure to contact a professional right away.  Many home owners don’t realize that a crawl space can flood. Because it’s often unseen, water can sit for weeks, months or even years before a professional finds it.  Standing water leads to many problems for your home, but a key one is our next creepy find…  

  1. Mold

Because crawlspaces are right atop the ground, moisture and humidity are very common. Mold can grow very easily in crawlspaces due to this excess of moisture in the air. Finding mold in your crawlspace is unnerving as it can be a sign of damage in more parts of your home. Mold can be extremely harmful to your health and is not something that you want to find anywhere in your home, even lurking under your house.

  1. Invasive Plants

Crawlspaces are the perfect hiding place for all kinds of things, but oddly enough, an invasive plant species can be quite problematic. Aggressive plants like kudzu or wisteria can take over a crawlspace and try to take over your home and lawn spaces.   

If you venture into your crawlspace and encounter any of these creepy finds, or others, be sure to give May Exterminating a call!  If you don’t want to venture in there… it’s ok. You can still give us a call. We’re experts at identifying and treating creepy crawlspace finds.