“You have termites,” are three words no homeowner ever wants to hear.

Termite destruction costs the United States roughly $5 billion in damages annually. Fortunately, taking the right preventative measures can lessen your chances of dealing with a termite infestation.

What is a WDIR?

When selling or buying a home, it is important to have several property checks carried out. These include structural, electrical, plumbing, and wood-destroying insect inspections (WDIR). 

A  WDIR is highly recommended since wood-destroying insects including termites, power post beetles, wood-decay fungi, and carpenter bees, can be found in most states in the US.  Many lending institutions require this type of inspection before giving you a mortgage. Therefore, it’s best practice to file a WDIR on a property before it changes hands.

The WDIR is a written inspection report that answers two primary questions:

  1. Is there any evidence of a wood-destroying insect infestation?
  2. If so, is there evidence that the infestation has been treated previously?

North Carolina defines an infestation as any evidence, past or present, of wood-destroying insects in, on, or under the structure. Any evidence found, whether current or previous, is ruled an infestation. Evidence includes drill holes in slabs of the home (garage, porch, etc.) and crawlspace concrete block and/or brick foundation walls.  For additional signs of termite damage, check here.

WDIR Process

The process of buying a new home is time-consuming, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your home inspected for wood-destroying insects. May Exterminating offers same-day service in many cases to help ensure any potential problems are quickly found.   

Give us a call or fill out the WDIR request form online.

A specially trained expert will inspect the home for infestation.

We will provide a report directly to you–the homebuyer–detailing the findings of the inspection.

If we find wood-destroying insects, a contractor can be hired to repair any damage made by them.  We can make a recommendation for one if desired.  After a contractor has rectified any problems, we will return to the home for a follow-up inspection. We will thoroughly check the home again and let you know if all problems have been resolved.

Treatment Options if Wood Destroying Insects Are Found

As always, May Exterminating is here to help.  If there is an infestation, we will customize a treatment plan to fit your needs.  If we find none, we can recommend a plan to help safeguard you from the financial devastation a termite infestation can cause.