April is National Lawn and Garden Month, which means it’s time to get your outdoor living spaces spring and summer ready. While you’re beautifying your lawn and garden, don’t forget to keep pest control in mind! Just as the flowers are blooming in spring, critters are crawling out to play. It’s important to remember pest control when planning your garden this spring, as pests outside your home can lead to problems within your home!


  • Grow things in your garden that will attract good insects: baby’s breath, dill, marigolds, and carrots are all plants that can attract beneficial insects to your yard.
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed. As things start to grow this spring, keep an eye on your greenery to make sure it doesn’t grow too close to the house. This will keep pests from invading your home.
  • Get rid of dead branches and leaves. Inspect your property and remove any debris. Dead limbs and dried leaves are attractive to pests seeking shelter.
  • If planting fruits, veggies, or herbs, consider adding physical barriers to keep pests out of your future food!
  • Keep your garden healthy. Water on time, pluck weeds, and maintain a well-trimmed lawn. Healthy yards, lawns, and gardens are much less attractive to harmful pests!


  • Install birdbaths or let water pool in your yard! Standing water can attract pests like mosquitoes, which are already troublesome pests in Coastal Carolina. Ensure drainage is in working order with your gutters and dump any kiddie pools immediately after use, too!
  • Plant things too close together. Crowded plants are easier for critters to hide in and are attractive shelters.
  • Ignore signs of unhealthy plants. Monitor your garden closely and watch for signs of disease. Remove any plants that may be sick to protect your garden!
  • Ignore any pests! If you see one pest in your garden, make sure to inspect for more and treat it if necessary.