Flowers are blooming, birds are calling, and Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  We think mom should be treated to something she really wants; a pest free home.  We’re not referring to the kids spending the weekend at the in-laws (although that would be nice), we mean any creepy crawling pests!  Spring brings its share of beauty but also renews the energy of critters that can invade your homestead. 

Like a lioness, mothers want to protect their home from any kind of threat.  Something small like termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and other pests can go unnoticed by living under the house, in the walls, or even the attic.  The best way to keep your home safe is by preventive measures and routine inspections.  May Exterminating has highly trained professionals that can assess any damage or signs of pre-infestation and help guide homeowners on the best way to deal with the pest problem. 

We know mothers and fathers alike care about the safety of their family and pets.  At May Exterminating, we recognize the importance of efficiency as well as safety for your family.  Our treatments are EPA-approved and will not cause harm to you or your home but are tough on pests!

May Exterminating has been serving the NC Crystal Coast since 1963.  Quality is always important to mom, and quality is what we give to every client.  We have a 30-day guarantee for every home we serve.  If the pest problem persists, we will figure out the best method to handle it.  

Mom takes good care of you.  It's your turn to return the favor by helping with the house. Clean the gutters, paint that spare room, and give May Exterminating a call.  What makes mama happy, makes the whole family happy.