Pesticides are chemicals used to kill insects and pests. The most common pesticides used in and around the house include: insecticides (insects), termiticides (termites), rodenticides (rodents), and fungicides (fungi). These products are commonly sold as sprays, liquids, sticks, and powders.

The “-cide” in pesticides means “to kill”. These are not chemicals to play around with. They need to be used carefully and properly. The EPA registers pesticides and requires manufacturers to put information on the label about when and how to properly use the pesticide. It’s known that pesticides are dangerous which is why the EPA does what they can to make sure their products have the proper information and instructions on them to minimize the possibility of misuse.

When used incorrectly (too much exposure) pesticides can cause health issues. Something many people don’t think about when using a pesticide, is where the product was intended to be used. If it’s an outdoor pesticide, but the problem has migrated into your home, you should never use the outdoor pesticide inside your home. The fumes of outdoor pesticides are stronger and will be more harmful to the body if used inside.

The EPA offers ways to reduce your exposure to pesticides:

  1. Use strictly according to manufacturer’s directions
  2. Apply only in recommended quantities
  3. Increase ventilation when using indoors. Take plants or pets outside when applying pesticides indoors
  4. Use non-chemical methods of pest control when possible
  5. Select a pest control company carefully
  6. Do not store unneeded pesticides inside the home, and dispose of unwanted containers safely and properly

The best way to stay safe from exposure is to have a professional pest control company come and take care of the problem. They are trained and know how to properly use the chemicals. May Exterminating is proud to use EPA approved pesticides. If you have a pest problem and want someone to take care of it safely, efficiently, and quickly, call (910)-455-5888 and one of May Exterminating’s qualified and friendly technicians will be happy to assist you with your pest control needs.