A normal day for a May Exterminating Technician starts bright and early.  By 7:30am, they’re heading out to their scheduled services for the day.  Our peak months along the coastline are in the summer.  Seasonal pests and bugs take their toll.  On the busiest days, our Technicians sometimes make up to 30 stops! 

Every day, Technicians complete inspections and maintenance sprays for regular pest control customers.  They check for any signs of pest damage or infiltration around the home or business and treat the property to keep protection for the future months.  A maintenance treatment can typically take 15 to 25 minutes.

For first-time treatments, extra time is invested to get to know the home and the homeowner’s concerns.  Our Tech will always receive directions from the homeowner to make sure their needs are properly met.  The Technician conducts a thorough inspection of the new client’s home, making sure to identify and treat any possible areas of concern or pest infestations.

New clients may also receive a free termite inspection scheduled for a later date.  If the Technician has termite inspections on their schedule for the day, they will thoroughly inspect the home, making sure to spot any pinholes caused by termite swarmers, or mud tubes that termites have built.  Following the inspection, any and all findings are included in a comprehensive report for the client with a concise plan of action.

After a full morning of inspections and treatments, including paperwork and answering questions, a Technician is sometimes eats his or her lunch on the drive between jobs.  They know that serving a client with excellence is important, but many of our Technicians have been with the company for years and treat the clients they serve almost like family.  That’s dedication.

After lunch, a Technician continues to travel to service appointments, complete paperwork, and they may check back in with the office.  A Tech’s schedule is full every day.  If an inspection or pest control treatment runs a little longer than usual due to an unexpected need, they call ahead to advise their next client that help is on the way.  Before wrapping up for the day, Technicians also place a phone call to each client on tomorrow’s schedule to confirm appointment times and ensure the client is expecting a visit the next day. 

It’s a long, busy day.  Technicians must use their expertise and provide excellent service while keeping up with schedules, paperwork and travel.  They are amazing.  Our technicians truly love helping families keep their homes and businesses pest-free.  Their dedication shows through their passion for quality service.  

Not all heroes wear capes, and some heroes wear May Exterminating uniforms.