Home ownership is part of the American Dream, but that dream can turn into a nightmare if termites invade your home.  Finding soft, dilapidated wood structure in your own home can be very disheartening.  Even more disheartening, is neglecting a termite contract for your homing and knowing that it all could have been prevented.

Termites of Coastal North Carolina

Your home in New Bern may be historic, maturing or part of a brand-new development.  No matter the age of your home, it’s likely you chose New Bern for its coastal location and natural beauty.  With those advantages, comes a challenge:  moisture. 

Moist environments close to the Atlantic Ocean provide conditions that encourage termites to find a nest and food to eat.  Termites present a very real threat to your home.  Don’t get caught without a front-line defense against them.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

The initial termite contract cost for most homeowners is minimal.  For most homes, annual termite contracts and inspections cost less than $12 a month – roughly $135 a year.  That nominal fee may be tempting to skip, but it pales in comparison to treating for termites, replacing damaged wood in your home and recertifying for a contract after an infestation.  The average home that has been damaged by termites can cost $3,000 to $5,000 to treat.  Then structural and cosmetic repairs can cost even more.  A homeowner’s termite contract is the “ounce” of prevention that will prevent a “pound” of cure that’s painful to your wallet.  

Free Quotes for New Bern Homeowners

If you suspect your home may be impacted by termites, or if you’re looking for a reliable service provider, May Exterminating offers free quotes for New Bern homeowners.  Our courteous technicians will stop by your home and to prepare an estimate for you.  If you’re ready for a termite inspection, we can usually offer same-day service.   Put any concerns out of your mind and know your home is covered.

At May Exterminating, we stand behind our service 100% and we offer our termite contract customers our professional guarantee.  Our wood repair will cover up to $100,000 of replacement to any termite damaged wood (some restrictions apply).

You chose eastern North Carolina’s coastal environment for your home.  Give your home the best team to protect it against termite damage.  Contact May Exterminating today.