It’s hard to believe, but spring is less than a month away! If spring cleaning is your usual season change ritual, here are some benefits of doing so and some rooms to focus on to keep pests out. If you’ve not adopted the spring cleaning mindset, let us share with you some reasons it’s incredibly helpful for keeping pests out during the warmer weather.  

Warmer weather brings more bugs, unfortunately, that’s just how nature works. Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to prevent those bugs from getting into your home. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your cleaning efforts.  

Focus on Areas That Provide Pests with Food and Water 

These areas include the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. Anywhere that is damp or where crumbs can be found is an inviting space for pests. Focus on cleaning your pantry, deep cleaning dining room floors, and organizing and cleaning the cabinets under your sinks. While doing this check each faucet for dripping or moisture and repair any leaks you find. 


Crumbs can hide everywhere, especially with kiddos or pets running around. These crumbs are practically begging bugs to make your home theirs. Vacuum all the floors and baseboards, and also the furniture, windowsills, and don’t forget your car! 

Garages Make You Vulnerable 

If you don’t typically deep clean your garage while spring cleaning, this year might be the time to start. Garages make us vulnerable to pests. Garage doors opening and closing provide bugs opportunities to wander in. Plus, many of us use garages as storage which provides pests with clutter to live in. A good way to deep clean the garage would be to organize any storage areas and vacuum the garage floor. 

Wash Out Your Garbage Cans 

I know, I know. This one sounds pointless because you’ll just be putting garbage right back in… but the gross stuff that’s left at the bottom of our garbage cans is like a feast for bugs. We don’t want pests swarming our trash cans when they are typically stored so close to our homes. Once the trash is taken out, simply spray out the inside of the can with a little soap and water and that’s it! 

Spring cleaning is an incredibly useful tool for preventing bugs from getting in your home. Prevention is the best medicine, and this applies for pest control as well. Happy cleaning!