Bed bugs are a nuisance. These tiny brown bugs are infamous for their itchy bites and their ability to sneak into your home undetected. While bed bugs are a common pest everywhere, they’re especially common in warm, coastal places like Morehead City.  

A common myth surrounding bed bugs is that they are attracted to messy, dirty places. That’s not true! Like most pests, they are looking for a food source. For bed bugs, that food source is humans and other mammals, like your family pets.  

Bed bugs typically transfer from other places with lots of humans — like hotels, classrooms, and offices. Check luggage, backpacks, shoes, etc. when returning from travel or coming home from school. This is your first line of defense to stop bed bugs in their tracks before they make it into your home! 

To help prevent bed bugs, the next step is to eliminate potential hiding places. Declutter, sweep and keep debris to a minimum. If they have a place to hide, bed bugs can take up residence under your radar and begin laying eggs.  

Next, keep moisture to a minimum. Moisture can increase bed bug activity, making them multiply faster and increasing the size of the infestation.  

Regularly wash and inspect your bedding and furniture. While washing your items, be sure to also heat-dry them. This process will help eradicate any bed bugs should they find their way into your home.  If you notice rust-colored stains on fabrics, that’s a sign that bed bugs have made it past your defenses.  It’s time to call May Exterminating for help eradicating them.    

With a little diligence, you can help prevent bedbugs from entering your home in Morehead City or any location.  But should you have any doubts, call May Exterminating’s team for an inspection.  If bedbugs have hitched a ride into your home, we can get rid of them for you.