We’ve all seen mud or sand tracked into the house.  Those little grains stick to shoes and travel indoors unseen.  Fleas are “tracked” inside in a similar manner.  They catch the 4pm train on the back of your fur-baby and travel right into your home undetected.  And a flea egg is the size of a grain of sand! 

Here are three considerations to help keep the fleas off your beloved pets and out of your home.

Know Their Hangouts

Warmer temperatures and humid air create an environment where fleas can thrive. Warmer temperatures get them moving, but you will find them seeking shade. They hang out under shrubs, hiding from sunlight. If your pet visits those areas, it gives the perfect opportunity for fleas to grab a meal and hitch a ride into your home.

Even if you give your pet a flea treatment, they may still pick up fleas from time outdoors.

If possible, keep shrubs away from your home. Ensure direct sunlight is in areas near entry points to make it harder for them to sneak into your home.

FLEA FACT: Fleas can jump 7 inches high and that jump could extend up to a foot in length.

Preventive Measures for Pets

Pet flea treatments use various ingredients and methods of application to combat fleas. Each need a certain amount of time for an adult flea to absorb the chemical and die.

Even short trips outside can bring in fleas. Once indoors, they can jump into your carpets, rugs or even some upholstered furniture.

Other ways to discourage fleas in your home

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Sweep and mop tile or wood floors
  • Steam clean carpets and upholstered furniture once a month
  • Wash and heat-dry your pet’s bedding

Professional Treatment

You treat your pet and take measures to keep your home’s entry points flea-free. What else can you do to protect against fleas?

Once in your home a flea can survive up to 100 days without a host. A female flea eats begins laying eggs 36- 48 hours after her first “blood-meal.” This can occur at the rate of 50 eggs per day on a viable host.

Professional home treatment prevents fleas that do make it inside from making your home a breeding ground in just a few days.

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