March is National Craft Month. This is the perfect time to sit down with your kids or grandkids and get creative! Celebrate with these exterminator-approved, bug-themed projects.

Painted ladybug rocks

Add a little spice to your garden with some painted rocks! Find a few smooth, flat, and round rocks to paint to look like ladybugs. All you’ll need with the rocks is paint and a few brushes.

Clothespin bugs

Have buttons, gemstones, or pompoms lying around your house? Grab clothespins, googly eyes, and some glue, and turn them into clothespin critters! Then, attach magnets to the backs and put them on the fridge to hold all your report cards, coloring pages, and more!

Egg Carton Caterpillars

When you finish off your next dozen eggs, save the container! Cut the bottom half longways down the middle to create your caterpillars. Paint them, add pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes, and you’ve got an egg carton caterpillar.

Fingerprint bugs

Print out or draw a mason jar shape.  Use your fingers and paint to make different prints inside. After they dry, turn your fingerprints into bugs with a fine-tip marker. Give your prints wings, stripes, antennae, eyeballs… whatever you’d like!

Handprint butterflies

Commemorate your kids’ tiny hands while you can! Cover their hands in paint and leave two handprints on your paper. Draw a body and antennae between them and you’ve got a butterfly!

Have fun with your children and enjoy some quality time.  If you need help getting rid of any real bugs, we’re here for you.